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BEX First Crypto Bank awarded as Blockchain Innovation of the Year

Our corporate mission is to create a global platform for an affordable and easy use of cryptocurrency in everyday life, for payments, savings, investments, exchange, trading, loans and other financial transactions. We offer businesses modern solutions for accepting cryptocurrencies both in e-commerce and at the point of sale.


Services that make Cryptocurrency Available to Everyone

Bitcoin ⇔ Fiat

Buy cryptocurrency with bank payment. Sell cryptocurrency and get money on your bank account.

Bitcoin ⇔ Cash

Buy cryptocurrency with cash payment. Sell cryptocurrency and get cash.

Bitcoin ⇔ Cards

Buy cryptocurrency with card payment. Sell cryptocurrency and get money on your card.

Bitcoin ⇔ PayPal

Buy cryptocurrency with PayPal. Sell cryptocurrency and get money on your PayPal account.

Bitcoin ⇔ E-Wallet

Buy cryptocurrency with any E-Wallet. Sell cryptocurrency and get money on your favorite E-Wallet.

Bitcoin ⇔ Shopping

Buy any products and services and pay with cryptocurrency.

Crypto Exchange

Exchange all types of cryptocurrencies and classic currencies.

Crypto Cards

Use cryptocurrency debit cards for payments and cash withdrawals.

Crypto Savings

Store and accumulate cryptocurrency on our secure savings account.

Crypto Loans

Get loans in euros or dollars secured by cryptocurrency.

Crypto Investments

Invest long-term and short-term in any cryptocurrency assets.

Crypto Gift Cards

Make unforgettable gifts to your loved ones or business partners with our cryptocurrency gift cards.

FREE Crypto Account

Open your first free cryptocurrency account in a few seconds.

Buy & Sell On The Go

Manage your cryptocurrency with a user-friendly mobile interface.

Virtual Crypto ATM

Withdraw cash from your cryptocurrency account.

Bitcoin Escrow

Use our cryptocurrency escrow to secure your trading deals.


What is the main link between Cryptocurrency and the Real World?

Thanks to the BEX First Crypto Bank, cryptocurrency is no longer a complex financial instrument for a limited number of computer specialists. Now you can pay with cryptocurrency in shops, withdraw in cash, exchange for classic currency, pledge, invest and spend as you like. Мoreover, cryptocurrency opens up new opportunities for earning and rapid capital growth.


World-Class Cryptocurrency Solutions for your Business

Accept Crypto

Accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in your business online or offline.

Payment Links and Forms

Accept cryptocurrency through payment links, payment pages, convenient forms, and other tools for fast and secure payments.

Connections & Integrations

Accept cryptocurrency on your websites and apps thanks to numerous integrations.

QR Code Payments

Provide clients with QR code for instant crypto-payments.

Crypto Business Account

Our Crypto Business Account allows you to legitimately hold the currency as an asset of your company.

Crypto Solutions

We will be happy to develop a tailor-made cryptocurrency solution for your business.

Crypto Cards

Issue the cryptocurrency cards for your business purposes.

Blockchain Network

Non-financial solutions based on the blockchain network.

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An Eye-Opening Experience! Before I opened bex account, cryptocurrency was difficult and incomprehensible for me. Now I trade every day.

Michael BixbyOwner of Fashion World



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We offer all payment methods, including Bank Transfer, Cards, PayPal, and many others.


Our platform allows you to trade all types of cryptocurrencies as well as withdraw to fiat and pay.

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